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Aka Moon

The experimental jazz trio Aka Moon have come to the IRCAM studios to meet for the first time, a new tool for improv, Omax.

Aka MoonOmax creates a computer "clone" from the live music and the musicians can play with the learning capabilities and unpredictability of the machine.

Extreamly prominent in the worlds of improvisation, opera, and dance especially with Alain Platel's latest creations, this is the first time that Aka Moon attempts a "dialogue with a shadow double".


Fabrizio Cassol, saxophone
Michel Hatzigeorgiou, bass
Stéphane Galland, drums
Gilbert Nouno, electronics

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou production in collaboration with the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles à Paris.
Concert recorded by France Musique.

Photo: Aka Moon © M.F. Plissard

Monday, June 8, 9:30pm / Centre Pompidou, Grande salle