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Organ Concert

Two imposing works for modern organ, dissimilar in every way, set the tone for this evening at Saint-Eustache.

The sound continuum intrinsically linked to the instrument and the hand of the musician determines the effects of speed and surface in the work by Ligeti. The total indifference to the specificity of the organ, to the limits of the instrument or the performer, pulverize all references in Xenakis's work Gmeeoorh. The title of Xenakis's work is a free anagram of "organon": the score for that work was originally written on several staffs for each keyboard, multiplying harmonic overlaps, trees, distortions, expansions.

Flanked by these antinomic adventures of the 20th century are two premieres by young composers, organists themselves. The short liturgy by Philipp Maintz preserves the fresh nature of the nocturnal improvisations at Saint-Eustache. Vox Humana by Hyun-Hwa Cho (musical creation) and Raphaël Thibault (video creation), transmuted to a historic instrument and a gargantuan contemporary synthesizer, made even larger through electronic additive synthesis. The manifestation of the voice surges forth from the ancient organ playing.


  • Toshio Hosokawa Cloudscape
  • György Ligeti Omaggio a G. Frescobaldi, Coulée
  • Philipp Maintz ferner, und immer ferner, French premiere
  • Hyun-Hwa Cho (musical creation) / Raphaël Thibault (video creation) Vox Humana* premiere Cursus 2 / Le Fresnoy
  • Iannis Xenakis Gmeeoorh


Francesco Filidei, organ
IRCAM Computer Music Design Hyun-Hwa Cho*
Pedagogical Advisor Jean Lochard*

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Le Fresnoy-Studio national des arts contemporains, and Arcadi co-production. With the support of the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation, privileged sponsor for innovation at IRCAM and the Sacem (scholarships for young composers in the Cursus 2 program). In collaboration with the Festival d'orgue de Saint-Eustache.

Concert recorded by France musique.

Photo: photomontage © Raphaël Thibault

Tuesday, June 16, 9pm / Église Saint-Eustache