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Conceptions is designed around the systematic thinking of creation, generation, of structural complexity, of intentionality, and of (auto)-poetic systems.

9:30am-10:30am Paul Bourgine - Crea, Institut des Sciences Complexes.
The Border of Chaos : from Physics to Arts.
Abstract & Bio

Henri Atlan
Henri Atlan will be taking part in this colloquium through a filmed interview with Frank Madlener, Andrew Gerzso and Gérard Assayag produced at IRCAM on May 20, 2009.

10:30am-11:15am Jean-Luc Hervé - Composer.
Caressing Time - Writing of Musical Time in Gérard Grisey.
Abstract & Bio

11:15am-11:45am Break

11:45am-12:30pm Jean-Pierre Boon - Université Libre de Bruxelle.
Time, Music and Complexity.
Abstract & Bio

12:30pm-1pm Philippe Albèra - Conservatoires de Genève et de Lausanne.
Interlude II - Presentation of XXth Century Works (Berio, Ligeti, Ferneyough...).
Abstract & Bio

1pm-2:30pm Lunch

2:30pm-3:15pm Emmanuel Bigand - UMR CNRS Laboratory on Learning and Development (LEAD), Université de Bourgogne.
How do the listeners deal with musical complexity?
Abstract & Bio

3:15pm-4pm Richard Taylor - University of Oregon.
Fractal Expressionism - Painting Nature's Complex Patterns.
Abstract & Bio

4pm-4:30pm Break

4:30pm-5:15pm Arshia Cont - IRCAM.
Towards Effortless Complexity through Machine Intelligence.
Abstract & Bio

Thursday, June 11, 9:30am-6pm / Centre Pompidou, petite salle