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Berio Series.

Luciano Berio

A series dedicated to one of the great names of the twentieth century - Luciano Berio - is at the heart of the 2009 edition.

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The festival features three premieres, a lyrical tableau by one of the direct descendants of Berio, Luca Francesconi, a spatialized work by Luis Fernando Rizo-Salom, and The Livre des Illusions by Bruno Mantovani performed by the Orchestre de Paris.

Luciano Berio

Photo: Luciano Berio © Universal Edition/Éric Marinitsch

Wednesday, June 17


The art of the accompaniment

How is it possible to accompany a soloist, to anticipate and follow the movements of the soloist when the accompanist is a computer?

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This challenge was decisive in the concept of chamber music with electronics; it passes by a polyphonic "score following" (Vassos Nicolaou), or by a location where the interaction between the autonomous world of electronics and the devilish character of the violin (Marco Stroppa) become poetry. In the copious writing of Dai Fujikura, an orchestra made up of virtual string instruments is born from a single, real viola. This temptation to multiply is the driving force behind the solitary line of Georges Aperghis' oeuvre that draws a "escape path among the tensions from the magnetic fields, the harmonic pressures". The piece Naturale closes the final concert of the Berio series, to "accompany" is not a question of technology, but of the complex aesthetic connection between two worlds. The popular songs from Sicily, recorded by Luciano Berio are attached to an 'intermittent' tape.

"My dream, I know it is utopist, would be to unify traditional folk music and our music - to establish a real passage, perceptible and understandable, between these old popular music, so close to the daily toil of people and our music."


  • Vassos Nicolaou Otemo*, commissioned by IRCAM-CentrePompidou, premiere
  • Georges Aperghis The only line**, French premiere
  • Dai Fujikura prism spectra***, commissioned by IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, premiere
  • Screening of the Film Images of a Work #7 about the creation by Marco Stroppa
  • Marco Stroppa hist    whist****, French premiere, commissioned by the Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo
  • Luciano Berio Naturale


Daniel Ciampolini, vibraphone, percussion
Hae-Sun Kang, violin
Odile Auboin, viola
IRCAM Computer Music Design Serge Lemouton*, Sébastien Roux**, Manuel Poletti***, Arshia Cont****

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, musée d'Orsay collaboration. An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou coproduction.
Concert recorded by France Musique.

Images of a Work #7

The film "Images of a Work #7" on the creation by Marco Stroppa will be shown before and after the concert and during the intermission.
What is the connection between a poem written by a young e.e. Cummings, the Antescofo score-following software, and a column of loudspeakers in the middle of a stage a few meters from the violinist Hae-Sun Kang? The new film in the Images of a Work series will try to answer using scenes from rehearsals of the new composition by the Italian composer, hist    whist (2009), as well as interviews with those who took part in the creation of this work in the IRCAM studios.
A documentary written and produced by Nicolas Donin and Benoît Martin.

Wednesday, June 17, 8pm / Musée d'Orsay, Auditorium

  • Prices full price 21€ reduced price 15€ Agora pass 10€
  • Website Musée d'Orsay
Friday, June 12

Passage of Time

"That which we call reality is a certain rapport between those feelings and those memories that simultaneously surround us - a rapport that suppresses a simple cinematic vision, one that distances itself even further from the truth that it pretends to content itself with - a unique rapport that the author must find to bind together the two different terms for eternity in his sentence."

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Bestowing the author with a unique mission Marcel Proust suggests more than the simple possibility of a complex notation of time, memory and creative amnesia together, that which haunts film and is the foundation of musical temporality.

Following this Proust-esque command, the filmmaker Raúl Ruiz, author of "Time Regained", has come up against this notion on a regular basis in his films. His interlocutor, Jean-Pierre Dupuy, questions the interlocking of time, sliding from film to literature, calling upon Henry James or the Hitchcock who made Vertigo. The evening's third guest, author Renaud Camus, has made "passages" through time a style and a chronology, a journal and a noble form, a eulogy capable of opening up and spreading out. The final word of the symposium on complexity will be given to the music of Berio and to the laughs of his Sequenza III, theater of the voice affected by the multitudes.

With: Jean-Pierre Dupuy, Raoul Ruiz, Renaud Camus, Philippe Albèra.

Mediation: Marianne Alphant, Andrew Gerzso

Luciano Berio, Sequenza III for voice, by Johanne Saunier.
Brian Ferneyhough, Cassandra Dream Songs for flute, by Mario Caroli

In collaboration with the Département du développement culturel (les Revues parlées) du Centre Pompidou.

Photo: © Élise Maillard

Friday, June 12, 7:30pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection

  • Prices full price 6€ reduced price 4€ | Agora pass or Laissez-passer Centre Pompidou Cardholder admission free
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