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Day by day program.

Passage [Dynamic Sound Corridor]

Sound System of Perceptive Deviation

Pierre Jodlowski has undertaken an original project with the employees of Siemens France in situ at the headquarters in Saint Denis.

Using the memories of the people who walk through the hallways of the building daily, this passage creates a sonorous tracking of fragments of memories, a dynamic corridor that crosses modified acoustic spaces.

Pierre JodlowskiThis installation uses a series of 16 sensors - infrared proximeters - that detect the visitor's movements. IRCAM has perfected a system that can follow up to four visitors at a time, detect their position, and the speed of their movements. This information is sent to a Max/MSP sound engine driven by the composer Pierre Jodlowski, letting him spatialize these "captured" memories.

  • Concept, Programming, Sound Design Pierre Jodlowski, commissioned by Siemens Art Program

Stage Design Christophe Bergon
Programming, Sensors Emmanuel Flety
Sound Design Jacky Mérit

Photo: Pierre Jodlowski © DR

Monday, June 8 and Saturday, 13, 1pm-6pm / Siemens

  • Other dates:  June 9-26, Mondays-Fridays, please reserve by phone at 01 49 22 43 12