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Day by day program.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If/Then: Installed

The installation If/Then places the viewer in the role of the dancer, inviting them to perform a series of movements following a choreographic logic defined by Richard Siegal.

"Complexity in the Arts and Sciences" Colloquium / Languages

Languages will be dedicated to the notions of writing, mathematics, formal languages, logic, computer science, and algorithmic complexity.

Les déplacements du problème

As they discover the practices of IRCAM, the protagonists from Grand Magasin upset serious technology of a research institute.

The Labyrinth-Like Spaces of Mark Danielewski, Brian Ferneyhough and Lars von Trier

The Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier, the American author Mark Danielewski, and the English composer Brian Ferneyhough wander through the real and virtual spaces of their works.