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Day by day program.

Friday, June 12, 2009

If/Then: Installed

The installation If/Then places the viewer in the role of the dancer, inviting them to perform a series of movements following a choreographic logic defined by Richard Siegal.

"Complexity in the Arts and Sciences" Colloquium / Time, Space, Perception

Time, Space, and Perception will address physical and perceptive complexity, models for memory, anticipation, and surprise, narration, history, performance, large-scale networks and societies.

Passage of Time

"That which we call reality is a certain rapport between those feelings and those memories that simultaneously surround us - a rapport that suppresses a simple cinematic vision, one that distances itself even further from the truth that it pretends to content itself with - a unique rapport that the author must find to bind together the two different terms for eternity in his sentence."


As a part of the new "Électrons libres" program, where sound and visual materials come together, Mauro Lanza has created a system that connects the structure of music to that of a film, including data from the image and processing them in real-time using electronics.