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Day by day program.

Friday, June 19, 2009

If/Then: Installed

The installation If/Then places the viewer in the role of the dancer, inviting them to perform a series of movements following a choreographic logic defined by Richard Siegal.

The European Project SAME

The SAME project, funded by the European Commission through the ICT program, experiments with different technological systems, especially in mobile telephones, that give music lovers new means of interaction with music: gestural control, spatialized sound synthesis and processing, context-aware recommendation, and collaborative systems.

Scènes noires. Portrait Guerrero

The Spanish composer Alberto Posadas, student and heir of the genius Francisco Guerrero, 'interprets' four late works by Goya, the famous Black Paintings that could be seen on the walls of the "Deaf Man's Villa" near Madrid.

L'air d'autres planètes

"I breath of the air of other planets." The aspiration of the poem by Stefan Georg, put to music by Arnold Schoenberg in his second quartet, irresistibly evokes the suspension of tonality and the advances made in parallel by Vassily Kandisky towards abstraction.